Email Marketing: Three Part Drip Campaign

August 22, 2018

Here is an example of a email marketing campaign I helped execute with two other members of the marketing team.

We compiled a three part drip email series that offers a content offer in each email sent out over a time frame of 3 weeks. One email per week. Sent to estimated 30,000 contacts each send.

I scheduled this campaign during the middle of the week during our "sweet spot" based on previous tests. So between 11am - 3pm.

  1. Week 1 (tuesday) - A webinar registration
  2. Week 2 (wednesday) - An infographic
  3. Week 3 (thursday) - A white paper

My steps for this project are my standard Landing Page Setup with form integration and confirmation page. Repeated three times for each incentive.

  1. Setup form for specific incentive with appropriate fields
  2. Setup landing page with page title, meta description, and URL based on offering. 55
  3. Connect the correct form you setup in step #1 into the landing page.
  4. Setup confirmation page that redirects when form is submitted.

I setup each email in Hubspot. If a user "clicked" on the incentive within the email, it raised the lead score on the contact by 5 points.

The results were as following:

  • Open rates 18-19%; Before we were averaging between 10-13%
  • Click through rate: 1-2%;
  • Inbox percentage: 80% ; Results from ReturnPath. This rate was higher than our usual 75-78% range.
  • Made it into google “Updates” category... Results from ReturnPath.

This marketing campaign was successful in exceeding our usual open rates between 10-15%. We also gained good click through rates and activity to our sales team. And we had 25 webinar submissions.


Karoline Kujawa
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