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March 14, 2023

Vote in every race! Hamrick is running to improve education funding, bring about common sense gun safety legislation, and to lower the cost of living for working families from health care to housing. . District Attorney Candidate Voter Guide. In his short time in office, Bridges has helped pass legislation to support full-day kindergarten, lower the cost of health care in the state, allow all Colorado employees to earn paid sick leave, and reinvest money in transportation without raising taxes. Also on the ballot is Libertarian Wes Pinchot. Ilana Spiegel is a highly experienced and well-respected grassroots organizer, columnist, and public education advocate. Its our right and responsibility. While the country has been dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, Doane was quoted as saying, The federal government should not have to intervene on behalf of local municipalities and states that make poor decisions during a pandemic. He also has said he thinks public health mandates should be more like suggestions. Additionally, among the four policy positions Doane takes on his website, one statement endorsing an unregulated Second Amendment stands out: The government should NEVER have a monopoly on force. Arapahoe County is one of the fastest-growing counties in Colorado, and Warren-Gully recognizes the need to plan the countys growth responsibly in order to protect our way of life. She works hard to help keep insurance companies honest, and, as a former educator, she advocates for educators to be paid what they'reworth and for students to be set up for success. This kind of political philosophy basically speaks for itself. Of course, we all want to pay less, but, what is hidden here is that our taxes pay for services like schools, health, and public safety. Bolling has not taken any issue positions except for his unabashed support for Donald Trump. Since then, however, Gardner has fully embraced Trump and was one of the first senators to endorse Trumps reelection. The revenue would also provide access to free, universal preschool to all four-year-olds in Colorado. Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords, making the U.S. one of very few countries that are not signatories. His accomplishments on working with fellow legislators and in several key committees are numerous, and hes already looking ahead to whats next. While Kellner undeniably has lengthy experience, progressive voters should be cautious about the fact that he doesnt seem at all interested in seriously needed criminal justice reforms. Sirota also carried a bill for a task force to analyze how much money Colorado could save by going to a health-care-for-all system. Arapahoe County VSPC Locations Adams County VSPC Locations He is taking on incumbent State Rep. Richard Champion, an energy businessman and diehard right-wing conservative who toes the party line instead of representing his constituents. Of course, Colorado already has a flat income tax rate, and anyone running for the state legislature should already know that. Arapahoe County Election Office. John Hickenlooper's federal liaison in Washington, D.C. The Legislative Authority for Spending State Money, The Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program, The Property Tax Assessment Rate Reduction Proposition, The Parks and Trails Sales Tax Extension Measure, Adams-Arapahoe School District (Aurora Public Schools) School Board, Director, At-Large, Cherry Creek School District School Board, Director, District E, Cherry Creek School District School Board, Director, District D, Englewood School District School Board, Director, At-Large. Making an attempt to challenge her for the seat is perennial Libertarian candidate Michele Poague. Eight states including California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island have successfully passed or implemented similar, solvent paid family leave programs. Barrington has traveled throughout the state of Colorado and learned about the diversity in our state. She has worked in the transportation, informational technology, and real estate sectors and owns a small business. Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder Joan Lopez is seeking re-election in her role. This is the kind of work constituents like to see, and progressive voters should feel comfortable keeping Moreno in office to do it. He has worked for the people first on the city council, at the statehouse, and now in the state senate. She has served on the Governors Foreclosure Prevention Task Force and as the Chief Clerk and Recorder for Douglas County. DeGette, a lawyer, is Colorado's most senior national legislator, the dean of its nine-member delegation, and the state's only woman in Congress. Arapahoe County 303-795-4511 Douglas County 303-660-7444 Jefferson County 303-271-8111 City of Littleton Designated Election Official: Colleen Norton, City Clerk 2255 West Berry Avenue Littleton, CO 80120 303-795-3780 Incumbent State Rep. Tom Sullivan was first elected to District 37 in 2018. Since being appointed to the District 3 seat in 2019, she has co-sponsored and passed bills on issues ranging from public-sector collective bargaining to accountability in law enforcement to expanding Medicaid. Iman Jodeh has spent the last several years working at the Capitol and in the community advancing several progressive causes. Adams-Arapahoe School District (Aurora Public Schools). Click here to choose your customized guide. Recently, she has been a deputy district attorney for District 5, and she has been both an assistant and deputy chief U.S. attorney and an assistant attorney general in Colorado. Bridges is ambitious but also is getting things done. Representative Sullivan is the progressive choice for Colorado State Senate District 27. This seemingly simple change, therefore, has the effect of eliminating an otherwise valid group of young voters from the full election process, to say nothing of the fact that it is a clear attempt to confuse voters into believing that current Colorado law permits noncitizens to vote, which it does not. In an interview with the Englewood Herald last year, Froelich said she commended the legislatures work to ban anti-LGBTQ conversion therapy and helping create true ID documents for transgender folks and that she would continue to work on issues like paid family leave and protecting the new full-day kindergarten program. Kevin Gulbranson is also seeking the District 55 seat. Since he has been in Congress, Buck has toed the partys extreme right-wing line. Bill Ritter appointed him to succeed Sen. Ken Salazar after Salazar was appointed Secretary of the Interior by President Barack Obama. Rob, is a system architect for UCHealth. He has worked for the people first on the city council, at the statehouse, and now in the state senate. One of the first things he accomplished in office was instituting a universal breakfast for low-income students, and among his top priorities is fighting for working families. She also is the executive director of Books to Life, a company that produces audiobooks for people with sight impairment and other disabilities. Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder's Office Attn: Elections Division 5334 South Prince Street Littleton, CO 80120 Email: Fax: 303-794-4625 A Voter Confirmation Card will be mailed to you approximately 2-3 weeks after your application form is processed. Then, during his first term, Crow stepped into the national spotlight as one of the seven impeachment managers who argued for Donald Trumps removal from office during the Senate trial. Incumbent Rep. Iman Jodeh has represented Colorado House District 41 since 2020. Baker is blandly straightforward on what hes concerned about in Arapahoe County: cutting the budget, protecting mineral rights and land ownership (otherwise known as promoting oil and gas drilling in our neighborhoods), and maintaining roads and bridges. Some of her biggest achievements include playing an important role in the passage of the Affordable Care Act, co-authoring legislation that modernized medical research, and spearheading improvements in protecting our nations food supply. He is also a Denver resident and a first-time candidate for office. Charitable gaming in Colorado includes bingo, lotteries, raffles, and certain other games conducted by charitable organizations for fundraising purposes. Some of her biggest achievements include playing an important role in the passage of the Affordable Care Act, co-authoring an influential law that modernized our medical research fields, and spearheading two key pieces of legislation that made big improvements in protecting the safety of our nations food supply. The 23rd Judicial District will include eight judges. VIEW COUNTY WEBSITE. On Feb. 18, more than 50 people were present for the , The Commerce City and Brighton police departments sexual assault task force is trying to find 47-year-old Jason Mickel Brigham. Incumbent U.S. Rep. Jason Crow, a lawyer and former Army Ranger who completed three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, is running for reelection in Colorado's 6th Congressional District. The 2022 General Election TABOR notice (local measures) will be available on this page in early October. Incumbent Secretary of State Jena Griswold is an attorney with experience in voting rights and accessibility. We cant recommend voting for Conti to retain this seat. On police reform, he criticized proposed bans on Aurora police officers using chemical agents, long rifles, and armored vehicles aimed at curbing police-protester violence saying the move handicapped officers. In 2013, Young helped communities he represents recover from that year's devastating floods. In the Clerks office, Lopez will continue to serve the public and bring about: efficient customer service, reduced business wait times, fiscal accountability, voter access and education, and a positive work environment. It is estimated that this would raise an estimated $137 million per year. He is a clear progressive choice who, if elected, plans to bring people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs together to build an American society where we lift each other up so that we all benefit together. DeGette has been recognized for her ability to work across party lines to deliver results. Lopez believes in abortion and reproductive rights; equal pay and LGBTQ rights; common sense gun safety laws; and inclusive immigration laws. He previously ran for office and lost in District 28. In order to get Big Money out of politics, he supports a publicly funded, transparent system of campaign financing and wants to see the Supreme Courts Citizens United ruling overturned to limit the influence of special interest groups that are buying much of our governmental leadership. Incumbent State Rep. Meg Froelich has a long history of activism for womens rights, childrens welfare, education, community leadership, and environmental protection. Prior to election to the Colorado House, Weissman was a leading strategist in the historic progressive political realignment that took place in Colorado from 2004 to the present day. Bingo Raffles Allow Paid Help and Repeal Five-Year Minimum, Local Voter Approval of Gaming Limits in Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek, Cigarette, Tobacco and Nicotine Products Tax, Prohibition on Abortions Later in Pregnancy, Iniciativa para disminuir la tasa del impuesto sobre la renta de 4.63% a 4.55%, Require Voter Approval of Certain New Enterprises Exempt from TABOR Initiative, Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave Initiative, Board of Education, 1st Congressional District, District Attorney, 18th Judicial District. One of her primary goals is to foster a nurturing environment for students of all backgrounds, races, sexualities, and abilities. COVID-19 Resources Coronavirus Resource Guide Preppers Guide From his earliest votes in Congress, Gardner has consistently sought to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Longtime legislator and incumbent State Sen. Rhonda Fields is practically a force of nature with her fierceness in taking on controversial issues on behalf of the voiceless and vulnerable. The current assistant majority leader of the state senate has a number of wins under her belt in education (public school funding, reducing truancy, and expanding early childhood education), criminal justice reform (the recent law enforcement accountability bill, peace officer standards, and victims rights), conservation, youth protection, health care, womens rights, veteran issues, homelessness, and more. He has been a progressive voice the last four years and has the record to prove it. A press statement from Brighton police said Brigham, a , Copyright 2023 Colorado Community Media, click here to create one at no additional charge, Election 2021: Littleton City and Schools Voters Guide, Election 2021: Centennial and Cherry Creek School District Voters Guide, Election 2021: Englewood City and Schools Voters Guide, Election 2021: Arapahoe County voters to decide on outdoor funds, Garbage gets attention of Fort Lupton council, Talking Twin Victories, new generation speaks, Lakewood may change fines for political finance errors, Residents sue Douglas County commissioners to halt apartments near Parker, Fort Lupton: Economic development begins with swapping ideas, Another swatting incident, another false alarm in Brighton, Nominate a teenager for the Outstanding Youth Awards, Brighton, Commerce City police departments seek sex-assault suspect, Powered by Creative Circle Media Solutions. Most disconcerting, however, is a July post Braig shared on his campaign Facebook page saying that the Black Lives Matter movement supports black genocide because it favors abortion rights and supports white supremacy because it only addresses when a white man kills a black man and not black on black crime. With this racist line of thinking, we strongly recommend against voting for Braig. Volunteer. Learn what services are provided and where. He plans to seek out things like expanded vocation and continuing education programs and funding and simplifying the tax code so that small businesses can thrive. Arapahoe County Democratic Party 10730 E. Bethany Drive, Ste 240 Aurora, CO 80014 Phone: 303-481-8273 Email: . His legal career has been marred by numerous ethical scandals, including compromising a case against Republican donors and declining to prosecute a sexual assault, instead blaming the victim. She also is a strong supporter of the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR), which is the primary cause for a number of our budget shortfalls and one of the reasons Colorado is falling behind on education. His ideals are strongly rooted in boosting hard-working families, achieving health care for all, taking responsibility for climate change, and believing that womens issues are everyones issues. But Bridges is also keenly aware that you have to reach across the aisle in order to get things done. Russian. She has served on the Littleton Public Schools Board of Education since 2014 and is currently the board treasurer. She is also a board member for Colorados Womens Lobby and has taught at the University of Denver. Crystal Murillo was the youngest as well as the first Latina elected to the Aurora City Council in 2017. Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) Action Fund. Please use this resource to identify the Democrats and other candidates on your local ballot this year whose values align with those of the Democratic Party. His campaign page indicates his priorities are not in line with progressives: He wants to repeal red-flag gun safety laws, objects to joining the National Popular Vote Compact, and asserts health care bureaucrats have no authority to make COVID-19 guidelines. Hickenlooper is the progressive voters best choice for U.S. senator. Under the rule, an abortion after 22 weeks would only be permitted in an immediate life-threatening emergency with no exceptions for rape, incest, a lethal fetal diagnosis, or the health or medical needs of the patient. His latest legislative session report is strong in sponsoring measures to boost veteran resources, bring counseling and behavioral health services to schools, increasing transparency in medical bills, investing in public resources like transportation, and more. Hickenlooper has vowed to improve and build on the Affordable Care Act and supports a federally administered public health coverage option. She brags about creating the original Tea Party and accuses Democrats of wanting special treatment of minority groups. Depending on where you live, you may have one of the below board of education races on your ballot. Bates opponents are Jennifer Gibbons and Schum Navarro. Eliza Hamrick is running to represent Colorado House District 61. Proposition 114, Restoration of Gray Wolves Her fierce advocacy and organizing work proves she will stand for progressive values by fighting rising tuition, encouraging academic freedom, and making higher education more accessible and diverse. Arabic. We recommend voting for Spiegel, a candidate whose agenda aligns with our values. Proposition 122 advances criminal justice reform by legalizing the use of natural medicines - including dimethyltryptamine (DMT); ibogaine; mescaline (excluding peyote); psilocybin; and psilocybin. He seems to have no published policy positions or public statements reflecting what he would do once hes in office. Among her other priorities are education and economic development. Colorado has been carried by the winner of the nationwide popular vote in every presidential election since 2004, and the compact would end the unequal valuation of American votes in presidential elections. State Rep. Dominique Jackson is the incumbent for District 42 and faces no opposition. Contact Us (303) 795-4511 (303) 794-4625. John Hickenlooper's federal liaison in Washington, D.C. and as an attorney for President Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Bill Ritter appointed him to succeed Sen. Ken Salazar after Salazar was appointed Secretary of the Interior by President Barack Obama. Kolker is the one progressives should give their support to in this race. This kind of political philosophy basically speaks for itself. Colorado Dems Ballot Initiatives Guide Other Ballot Review Resources Count Me In Colorado Judges on the Ballot City Ballot Measures Littleton City of Aurora There is no requirement in Colorado to apply for an absentee ballot.. 16 and 17 year-olds are eligible to pre-register to vote in Colorado. He has supported Donald Trumps position on votes 89% of the time, and Politico notes that Gardner is reliably conservative on most issues. In 2014, Gardner promised in a campaign ad to speak out when his party is wrong and called on Donald Trump to pull out of the race for president in October of 2016. He has not made any policy statements widely known. The incumbent he faces is U.S. Sen. Ken Buck, a former prosecutor and district attorney in Weld County who has been in Congress since 2014. Plomar is a solid progressive choice for the State Board of Education. Conway has a long history of community service and leadership in her career and as a volunteer. She was at the forefront of addressing the Dobbs decision and the fall of Roe v. Wade. After his son was murdered in the Aurora movie theater mass shooting, he became involved in politics by advocating for victims rights and testifying during committee hearings for stronger gun safety laws.

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